Tips to Get Rid of Joint Pain In Old Age

Knee pain can make your daily routine activities very difficult. Whether the pain in the knee is due to a twitch in the muscle, the post-workout pain, or due to an old injury it is very difficult to bear the pain. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the cause. The patient may feel normal during the day but in the night they cannot sleep properly because of the unbearable pain in the knee. This problem is very common in old age because the tissues are getting weak. You can reduce the problem of joint pain with the help of knee surgery or by Ayurvedic joint pain treatment. Consult the doctor to know which the best option for you. Here are some tips which you can do to reduce the pain.

  1. Try RICE

One of the best first aid treatment which you should get right away is “RICE”. It is best to treat sprains and strains.

  • Rest: Take proper rest.
  • Ice: Apply a bag of ice on the knee.
  • Compression: To prevent swelling wrap a compression bandage on your knee.
  • Elevation: Keep your foot elevated when you are resting.
  1. Natural painkillers

Some of the common ingredients which you can find in your kitchen are also helpful to reduce the problem of knee pain. Seeds such as walnuts, flax-seeds, and sesame seeds are rich in calcium. These are beneficial for joints. Turmeric has the property of healing naturally. Combine it with warm milk. It can treat the problem of joint pain.

  1. Ginger

Ginger is also very helpful as it is available in different forms. You can purchase ginger root or tea from the grocery store. The study has shown that it is very helpful to treat patients who are suffering from the problem of arthritis.

  1. Taichi

It is a form of mind-body exercise. It improves the flexibility and balance of your body and mind. Those who are suffering from the issue of knee pain can consider this option. During the exercise, it helps your mind how to deal with chronic pain.

  1. Exercise

Daily Exercise will help you to reduce joint pain. If you are not involved in any type of physical activity then your body will not function properly. It will make joints stiff and this will get worse every day. One of the other issues, if a person is overweight then it also causes the problem. So weight management and daily exercise are very important.

Some of the other things which will help you to reduce the pain.

  • Don’t wear heels for a long time.
  • Eat food which contains calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Do not sit for a long time, take short breaks.