How Can Ayurvedic Treatment Be Valuable For Cervical Spondylosis?

How Ayurveda is beneficial for joint pain
Joints make up a significant part of our bodies. Imagine moving your body without their help you will come to know what I am talking about. A person needs joints to move efficiently.A person exerts a lot of pressure on his joints to move his body. The continuous pressure and exposure stress accompanied by loss of lubrication lead to the joints losing their original position and getting injured. This, in turn, leads to pain in the joints.
According to the research statistics, knee pain and back pain top the charts when it comes to pain in the joints. The pain is often unbearable and causes a lot of problems in movement.The person’s overall well-being is adversely influenced by the pain in continuity.

If we go according to western medicine,the only respite is a surgical procedure.But there is hope when it comes to treating the pain with Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers a lot of alternative medicines and therapies for curing the same.

Herbs to your rescue
As far as principles of Ayurveda are concerned,the primary cause of knee and back pain is the unexpelled vata in the body. As per the ayurvedic fundamentals, unbalanced vata can spread throughout the body and accumulate at specific points. The accumulation soon makes its presence evident in the form of unbearable pain. It can even cause inflammation, sprain, and pain. Ayurveda is instrumental in tackling this accumulation by dispersing the vata and providing nourishment to various muscles. Dharas of many types and back massages form the main course of treatment.

Arthritis and Ayurveda

Arthritis is a very common form of joint pain. The reasons of arthritis are very much the same.The unexpelled waste products which should have been expelled get accumulated in the knee joint. The structural organization of the joint gets affected thus causing spasmodic pain.

Narayani specializes in treating knee pain and arthritis. We treat knee pain with special oils which are massaged at a lukewarm temperature. The massages are the best way to expel the accumulated vata.This line of treatment is popular as Janu vasti.
Some dietary precautions and changes are also recommended alongside.A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables along with the massages cures the condition in a short span of time.